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March 09, 2008



Sweet cards! Hmmm...I'll have to check out those chocolates:)


I opened your blog just as I was popping a piece of that yummy chocolate in my mouth! Great idea using the ribbon on the card! It's adorable!


Fabulous cards! I love the little sparkle that each one has :)

suzi finer

You're not kidding!


more great cards! sushi and nature should be on their way to me soon!

Dana Smith

Oh my gosh......Leonidas chocolates! My Mother in Law is from Antwerp and every time she visits she brings back boxes of that delicious confection and we are waiting with our hands out!! My daughter and I were in Paris last Summer and made it a point to seek out Leonidas.....and it was the last day they were open as they were closing their Paris shops. What we got was delicious!
Dana in Virginia

Melissa Phillips

Cute as can be---both of these and those chocolates sound heavenly too.


What a great idea to use the ribbon. I saved my ribbon for a few days trying to think of something, but ended up throwing it away. Those were some yummy chocolates!

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