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September 13, 2007



Happy Birthday Kevin!
The book is waay CUTE and DEAR...
Ooops, first "nudie" pics!!! ;-)

jessi nagy

happy b day kevin! whoa!
your book is adorable.
have a great day.
jessi nagy


ADorable boy you've got there. WAY cute album you made for him. He reminds me so much of our Caleb's bff Isaac. They both turned 6 in June. :-) We had to wait til we were grandparents to experience a boy. OH how our lives had been lacking and we didn't even know it! :-) Little boys are a blessing. Enjoy every minute with yours. :-)

Helle Greer

Happy Birthday Mr. Mario!!!
Stefan and I can't wait to celebrate you tomorrow...

Vicki Chrisman

Oh... could he be any cuter??? What a cute little dude! Happy Birthday to him!!!
Love you little book! It will be a treasure to him one day!

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