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November 19, 2007


Alison Gibbs

Michelle how lovely of you to share how you made your gorgeous Glitter House.

Gabriela Delworth

Hello from Toronto,

I love this little house, just lovely!
Great job!

Warm regards,



Thanks so much for posting this!

suzi finer

clever clever talented girl...happy thanksgiving to you and your family!!!


Thanks so much for the pattern Michelle! I'm def giving these a go.


Here is the template online:

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

this is adorable! I've been making them too but I didnt have a pattern and mine turned out way too large! I'll have to try this one! Thank you!


Oh I love these. I have a pattern...just haven't started them yet....these are so sweet...I love the size. I'm going to print out my pattern and get started. Thank you for sharing yours. They are wonderful.

mel mccarthy

This is truly adorable, Michelle. Thanks so much for sharing it!I can't wait to make some this year.

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