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March 15, 2008


jessi nagy

so much fun!!!
that store looks like you could spend hours in there!
i love dede. how funny that you all ran into each other. that just means that gilding lily must be an awesome store.


Store? what store? What's this I hear you are opening a store locally to me)woohoo..this is so exciting. Can you divulge what kind of store it is going to be yet? ;D. Is it going to be a "stamp or scrapbooking" store by any chance with bunches of A Muse stamps? I hope.

Helle Greer

Always fun to go on little trips with you...
i was just thinking, we won't have time for those when we get the store... What are we gonna do????

Melissa Phillips

Ohhhh how fun! I'm so happy you post pictures like you do---I love getting a small taste of the beautiful world you live in. Sounds like such an amazing day and those bracelets are pure heaven!


How fun! I'm loving those bracelets. How great that you ran into Dede.

Carolyn Peeler

Sounds like an awesome day Michelle! Looks like you found some treasures :-)


Oh! another wonderful trip to be had by Michelle and Helle!!! May I come along next time?!!! ((hugs))

Dede Warren

I'm so glad you two came into Gilding the Lily while I was there. Isn't it the best little treasure trove of goodness? I can't wait to see what you two have in store for your own little shop. I'll be there with bells on come the big reveal.

Nancy Jamar

Michelle: It was delightful to meet both you and Helle. I'm glad you enjoyed the Villa, its stores, and your trip to Fullerton, and hope we get to see you again soon. I would be delighted to teach a class at your new store...keep me posted! Regards, Nancy

Vicki Chrisman

Like a told Helle.. I'm moving there, so I dont have to miss out on your fun ANYMORE! lol

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