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March 31, 2008


Helle Greer

So glad you it.
Can't wait for our adventure to start.


Sweet! and congratulations! you both must be very busy in getting everything just right...which I know you guys will do and beyond. ((hugs))

Lyndsay Neumann

So awesome! So happy for you.


Congrats to you-what a fun and exciting adventure...that postcard is the cutest!


yay... somehow I KNEW there would be pink in the branding. hehe. Can't wait to stop in and see your new store. The prissy pals and I will definitely be showing up. Yours truly, misspriss.

jen duncan

YAY Michelle! SO very exciting for you two!

Joy*The Vintage Rabbit

Sooo excited for you both! I can't wait for May 1st! I am marking my calendars!



Congrats girl!! How fun, wish I could come visit.

Vicki Chrisman

HUGE CONGRATS GIRLS!!!!! How darn exciting!! I know it's going to be WONDERFUL!!

Kim Caldwell

Yippee! Congrats girls! Can't wait to come down and visit! It is going to be fabulous. . .

Hugs, Kim

scoopy (Emily)

So exciting Michelle!

Stephanie Jones

I'm saving my money and making up my shopping list! Can't wait. I think it will be the biggest supply of A*muse products in San Diego!!


Congrats, ladies! I can't wait to come down and shop at your new store! I'm sure its going to be FABULOUS!!

jennifer pebbles

mmmmmmmmmm!! So excited for you guys...yay!!


This is so exciting!! I can't wait to see & hear more!! I will be sure & stop by if I'm in the San Diego area. Is the blog up & running yet for Paper Tales? I could not get that address to work :(

suzi finer

oh, the two of you...
I LOVE you girls!!!

Vicki Chrisman

Just wanted to let you know, I'm thinking about you this week! Hope it's going wonderful!

jenny holiday

Soooooo soooo exciting!! And my goodness!! what a duo!! You two gals are gonna be Rock Stars! Aaron and I MUST visit you!!! Too cool!!

Best Best Wishes!!!!
xoxo Jenny...and Aaron

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