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April 13, 2008


Lyndsay Neumann

Yessssssss! Can't wait for the reunion episode next Sunday!

Stephanie J.

OMG! Me too! I was voting for Amber. I just started watching recently. Yes, a guilty pleasure....also kind of like a train wreck, you can't take your eye off of it! Now I want to know everything I missed from both seasons.

tricia samsal

I am right there with you! So addicted to that show. Ambre was my fav too! Good luck with the store opening, too.

Lori Barnett

WOW! I thought I was the only Rock of Love - stamper ha ha ha. Glad I found this I don't feel so....bad? NOT that I felt bad...but my hubby had to ask "why do you watch that? You like the guy?" I'm like NO -- I just turned to it on day and got to watching it -- then I HAD to find out WHO he picked! I voted for Ambre all along ;)

Gabriela Delworth


Congratulations on the new store!

All the best!


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