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April 11, 2008



OOhhh the prissy pals eagerly await your grand opening. Congratulations for you on your new store!! Can't wait to stop by and see it. If it's anything like you and Helle's blogs it is going to FABULOUS.

jessi nagy

OMG!!!!! i want to come to your grand opening!!!
your store is going to be fabulous!!!!
you and helle will be very sucsessful!!!


LOOKING GOOD! Michelle. I'm loving the strawberries. ((hug))

Vicki Chrisman

OH... I wish I was there to help.. it would be sooo much fun! Thinking of you!

suzi finer


Joy*The Vintage Rabbit

Everything looks so Yummy!!

jenny holiday

SO SO SO SO SO exciting!! Oh boy!!! Too funnn!!! Take tons of pics!!! So you can look back on them when you are rock stars! :)

xoxo Jenny
Best Best Wishes!!!!!


Oh my...I so wish I could come to the grand opening. I'm sure your store is going to be pure bliss. I'm so happy for you both. I want to met you and Helle so bad. I love all the new product you got it. I wish you both all the best Michelle with your new business. I especially love the first photo of those cute flowers. I want one. I can just dream about how beautiful your new store will be.

Karin (creativechaos)

So beyond excited....I live in San Diego and I'm looking forward to a new scrap boutique near my house.....I see narratives on the paper wall...woo hoo!

mary smilove

how exciting! the store looks like a creative wonderland, i can't wait to visit...
you have worked so hard...enjoy!
XoX mary smilove

Laurie Robinson

Peeked in the window hoping to visit with you. Had to kill an hour at Longs instead. I'll try to catch you another time!!


Gave ya some blink over on my blog winkwink


I recently found your blog...beautiful. I live in San Diego and I will definitely be visiting your store. Congrats on the opening! You will be living my dream!

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Monday is really such a very busy day. Anyway, those photos were very stunning. I really have so much fun looking at it. Great post!!!

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